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…and Beyond 2012, The Taking of Pelham One Two Three, Friday the 13th & 24

Actress Amanda Peet (Studio 60) has been tapped to co-star alongside John Cusack in director Roland Emmerich’s disaster film “2012”, a project being described as an end-of-the-world epic.
Emmerich certainly has an over the top style but he has a clear love of the genre. I feel his “Independence Day” is one of the best popcorn entertainments produced in the last few decades. I can still remember seeing it at the 1400 seat Ziegfield Theater in NYC and having the Manhattan moviegoers roar with applause throughout. There have been very few summer movies that have given me that type of thrill since.

Remakes continue to be the hot trend in the business as a slew of them are in or going into production. The Taking of Pelham One Two ThreeTony Scott (Crimson Tide) currently shooting a redo on the terrific 1973 thriller “The Taking of Pelham One Two Three” which was one of the great NYC based films of all-time. Denzel Washington and John Travolta will take on the Walter Matthau and Robert Shaw parts.

A remake of the 1980 horror classic “Friday The 13th” is also filming which is being produced by Michael Bay’s production wing, Platinum Dunes. The also have a redo of “The Birds” in the works which will star actress Naomi Watts. From my side of the fence, remakes are always an interesting challenge and some directors tackling the challenge put a pretty cool spin on the material but really memorable films are almost always a product of their time and place in history and trying to recapture that is a tough task indeed.  
Jon Voight will go the TV route for the first time in 40 yrs when he plays the villain in the new season of Fox’s 24. The popular show looks to have a bounce back season
creatively when it returns in Jan 2009. The network will first air a 2 hr TV movie this fall with the Jack Bauer storyline set in Africa which will set up the 2009 season.


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