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And Beyond… Robert Downey Jr & Army of the Dead

Robert Downey Jr., now red hot off the success of “Iron Man” this summer is in negotiations to star in a very interesting project entitled “Cowboys vs. Aliens”, a story that will cross the western and Sci-fi genres into one storyline. Based on a graphic novel, the story reportedly centers on a battle between the Apache and western settlers that takes a big twist when a alien spaceship crash lands on a nearby Territory, causing the two enemies to join together to fight off their new found foe. This actually sounds like a very original high concept project that might turn out to be something fresh and exciting. Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard will be two of the producers involved – expect it in theaters for the 2010 summer season.

I know that the zombie genre has gotten a bit saturated over the last few years but I’m pretty excited about the fact that “Dawn of the Dead” 2004 director, Zack Snyder’s, new zombie film titled “Army of The Dead” is now on the fast track over at Warner Bros. Snyder will produce, and a commercial helmer named Matthjis Van Heijningen will direct, the film which will center on a The Diary of the Deadfather who desperately tries to save his daughter from a zombie plagued Las Vegas. The movie will reportedly be very large in scope. Snyder’s Dawn was a terrific re-imagining of George Romero’s classic original so this is one project to look forward to.

Speaking of Romero I just got a chance to watch his “Diary of the Dead” on DVD last week and I liked it. The film barely got a theatrical release which was not really a surprise since it was independently financed for around two million bucks. It’s small in scope but is involving in its story which works as a nice companion piece to his original “Night of the Living Dead”, as long as you keep your expectations in check considering the money he had to work with. In other horror news of interest, there’s been some talk about a possible sequel to “30 Days of Night”, last year’s vampire film with its story line set in Alaska. I hope it happens as I really thought that movie was super cool and one of the best in its genre in years.


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