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The Dark Knight

Despite a relatively down economy, people are still finding their way to the multiplexes in droves as overall box-office is up 5% this summer, year over year. IRON MAN has become the first film to pass the 300 million dollar mark in ticket sales this summer and it appears that the latest INDIANA JONES film will be the second – it just passed the 280 million dollar mark this week. The only real clunker in terms of box office so far is Warner Bros SPEED RACER which ran out of gas at the 42 million dollar mark. Painful since its budget was in excess of 120 million.

Marvels THE INCREDIBLE HULK is on pace to have a 60% + drop-off in ticket sales in its 2nd weekend in release. Somewhat surprising since this new Hulk has been better received in exit surveys than Ang Lee’s 2003 version. It apperas evident the big green comic book hero has a very front loaded audience. Its fan base just isn’t as big as Marvel had hoped, and another installment seems dicey at best. That’s a bummer, as I wanted to see a long running franchise with Edward Norton in the Banner role. Let’s see how this plays out.

The Dark Knight
Watch The Dark Knight Preview

Reports have it that Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated new Batman film THE DARK KNIGHT clocks in with a running time of 152 minutes. That’s 12 minutes longer than his BATMAN BEGINS. There’s little doubt in my mind, that this will be the absolute must see movie this summer for a variety of reasons. First, it’s the follow up to perhaps the best superhero film ever made. Second, it features the most intriguing villain in comics – The Joker, with the part being played by the late Heath Ledger, whose tragic unnecessary death is still very fresh in our minds. Hopefully his performance will become part of pop culture legend the same way Jack Nicholson’s take on the character did in Tim Burton’s 1989 version of Batman. I really think THE DARK KNIGHT will get sizeable repeat viewers for multiple reasons; first and foremost the opportunity to build on the domestic take of Begins 200 million dollar box office. It hits theaters July 18th.
Tropic Thunder


Have to say I really like the coming attraction trailer to the Ben Stiller comedy TROPIC THUNDER which hits theaters Aug 15th. This looks like a high concept project that has some real originality to it. Stiller (who also directs) stars alongside Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr. in the film, where three actors get involved in a real life war when doing location shooting in a 3rd world country. This looks to have a real edge to it. Check out the site and see the trailer.


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  1. I’m also pretty interested in Tropic Thunder. It has such a different feel to it and the decision to make Robert Downey Jr. black has an edge that I don’t think many films have. The best part is that it’s hard to tell from the previews what the point of the movie is – whether a comment on Hollywood and actors, a war-related commentary or an action movie. Maybe it’s all three. Looking forward to it to say the least – and then of course there’s Batman. Can’t frickin’ wait!

    Comment by Jay Solomon | June 29, 2008 | Reply

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