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Remake of The Bad Lieutenant

The Bad Lieutenant

The Bad Lieutenant

According to the trade Variety, Val Kilmer (The Doors) has joined the cast of director, Werner Herzog’s (Rescue Dawn), remake of the 1992 crime drama BAD LIEUTENANT. To me this is a real interesting project. Nicolas Cage is already aboard in the role of the immoral cop, reprising the very memorable performance of Harvey Keitel in the original. For those who remember the 1992 version, it was released NC-17 and deservedly so. Keitel’s nameless cop was a true degenerate; involved with drugs, gambling and deviant sexual practices who ultimately redeems himself while investigating the rape of a nun. I’m curious as to why Herzog and Cage are attracted to this material only 16 years after Ferrara’s version. Cage has certainly done dark material before in films like Leaving Las Vegas and the underrated 8MM but this is even stronger in content and not very bankable stuff for mainstream audiences. Still I see it as one of the more interesting projects in the current pipeline and I’m sort of looking forward to it. Watch the Trailer


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