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And Beyond… 10 minutes is not enough Rescue Me (for me) and Give Me My Poseidon!

300With a very small selection in terms of original programming to watch this summer, I must say I really do miss Denis Leary’s RESCUE ME on the FX channel. The show, going into its 4th season, will come back for new episodes in March of 2009. Like many others. the program’s production schedule was derailed due to the writers strike. Producers are starting to air 10 minute episodes once a week to give fans a mini fix.

Kurt RussellTwo years after it theatrical release. there has been no word as of yet whether Warner Bros will ever put out a directors cut extended edition of POSEIDON on DVD. There were strong rumors that there was a 125 minute cut supervised by director Wolfgang Peterson ready to go for its HD-DVD release but it never happened. While it’s a known fact Wolfgang knobbed off a considerable amount of the back story and at least one action sequence in order to create a frantic pace, many fans, including myself, would love to see the longer version of the movie which was shown to test audiences before its May 19, 2006 release. As is, Poseidon clocks in at 90 minutes and is entertaining if looked at purely as an action movie. I would love to see more character development. Note to WB- Please consider an extended edition.


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