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Never Met a Zombi I Didn’t Like…


While I’ve never seen the stage version of this popular musical composed of ABBA songs I must admit I had a terrific time with the film, despite the fact that it’s cheese factor is pretty high. The movie, produced by the same creative team as the stage play, follows the story of a young girl (Amanda Seyfried) who decides to find out who her real father is on the eve of her wedding in the Greek isles by inviting all three of her mother Donna’s (Meryl Streep) former lovers to the ceremony. Once the three men (Pierce Bronson, Colin Firth and Stellen Skarsgard) arrive things get quite hectic as Steep’s character must juggle their sudden reappearance with her daughters impending nuptials. The ABBA songs (including Dancing Queen) come at a fast and furious pace with Streep, Jessica Walters, and Christina Baranski fairing the best (the two playing Steep’s best friends) while all having a blast. I wish I could say the same for Bronson who looks a tad bit uncomfortable when bursting out in song. I have a feeling his vocal efforts will be playing heavily on You Tube for many years to come and not because they’re good. One other standout is 20 year-old actress Amanda Seyfried who has unlimited screen appeal. She has the rare quality of remaining interesting even if she doesn’t utter a word. Overall, a bit goofy and nowhere near as polished as last summer’s “Hairspray” but I still had a fun time with it all and I think most people will feel the same.


July 21, 2008 - Posted by | Reviews

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