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The Wonder Twins

The Wonder Twins

Box-office totals have been adjusted on the upside for Warner Bros The Dark Knight, giving the film a final weekend total of 158.4 mill adding to its new record, up from the previously announced 155.3. I have to wonder how many studio executives sat in their offices Monday morning thinking about what other comic and superhero properties they could turn into a feature film. With many ideas having been explored and a few good ones probably left, I’ll know when this hot genre peaks after a major studio gives the greenlight to a big screen movie based on the WONDER TWINS. Don’t laugh, it will probably happen.

Richard Roeper and Roger Ebert

Richard Roeper and Roger Ebert

I have to admit I’m feeling pretty bummed after reading that legendary film critic, Roger Ebert, announced on his site that he will follow Richard Roeper and leave  the long running movie review show Ebert & Roeper. I remember watching the program in its original format when it was called Sneak Previews. That program, hosted by Ebert and then partner, the late Gene Siskel, aired on PBS starting in 1975 (Their review of John Carpenter’s Halloween still sticks in my mind). Eventually the two went on to host the syndicated Siskel & Ebert program before it turned into Ebert & Roeper after Siskel passed away in 1999. While Ebert hasn’t been on the air for the last two years due to illness, Roeper has done a great job as Gene’s replacement, first with guest hosts and now with Chicago Tribune film critic Michael Phillips who appeared to become permanent. In a statement by Roeper it appears he is leaving the program because Disney, who owns the property, wants to take it in a new direction. Ebert apparently feels the same way as he said farewell today. Roeper also speculated that he’ll be back on the air in some other format which he will shortly announce. I watch the show every week and really look forward to it. I’ve been a dedicated viewer since the concept was born in ‘75 and feel like the program is part of my life routine. Again, I’m feeling bummed out and wish it weren’t so! Here’s a few links for more on the story.
IHT.com                  Roger Ebert


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