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THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: BLU-RAY dominance around the corner, DEFINITLY, MAYBE highly recommended and FRIDAY THE 13TH trying to generate some buzz at COMIC-CON!

Has anyone else noticed the way Blockbuster is selling off its inventory of six month old or less DVD’s in bins of 4 titles for $20 bucks. This to me is a clear sign the chain is in the early, if not mid-range stages of gearing up for the boom we should see in the Blu-ray format within the next year. I would be very surprised if Blu-ray DVD players are not slashed to under $200 by this Christmas. At that point all Studios will most likely follow and release all new titles in the $19.99 range, dramatically increasing the interest in the High Definition format.

Every once in a while you come across a film on DVD that becomes quite a pleasant surprise. Well I caught one of those last weekend when I got a chance to watch DEFINITLY, MAYBE. This is a very well written and directed (Adam Brooks) movie that features the best performance in Ryan Reynolds career. While it was marketed as a romantic comedy its plays more like a light drama with Reynolds playing a thirty something, soon to be divorced, father that recounts how he met her mother to his inquisitive young daughter. Besides Reynolds, the film’s other big plus is actress Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers). I think she’s a highly appealing talent who has everything it takes to be a big star in the business. Overall Definitely, Maybe is one terrific movie and a great choice when you rent your next DVD.

Members of Michael Bay’s production company, Platinum Dunes, were at the Comic-Con convention this weekend trying to create some buzz for its FRIDAY THE 13TH remake which comes out in Feb of 2009. I have to believe this will be a better overall product than Rob Zombies re-telling of HALLOWEEN. This was very intriguing for its first 45 minutes or so before taking a bad creative turn when the storyline introduced the very underwritten Laurie Strode character, which felt completely rushed and ill-respected. With the comic book movie craze at a boiling point, maybe this new Jason film can give the horror genre center stage, if only for a weekend, when it comes out next year.


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