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Prepare for the coming of RELIGULOUS!

Lionsgate Entertainment have released this clip for their October release of RELIGULOUS, the Larry Charles (Borat) directed Documentary staring Bill Maher that takes on the world of Religion from a skeptics point of view. I must say, I’m curious to see how many theaters will play the controversial film, as its pretty safe to say more than a few people will be offended. For the record, I’m a big fan of Maher’s, and I’m highly looking forward to seeing this.

Bill Maher on the job

Bill Maher on the job

While I know his trademark humorous approach to all things will make many people laugh, I’m also confident it will make some people think as long as it’s seen with an open mind. Obviously this film will make some angry as many view any criticism against their religion as an insult. While I have nothing against faith (I like to think I have some of that myself, although it’s certainly not blind), I also think it’s interesting to explore why people believe what they believe. While many in our country are gun-shy to talk openly about religion, I hope Maher’s Religulous creates a healthy and honest debate on the subject – although somehow I doubt it. As I’ve said before on this site, Bill Maher will come under a firestorm from the right as the movie’s release date approaches and he promotes it on the tour circuit. Maher and director Charles must have given quite a bit of thought to that when they took on this project. The forecast ahead for all involved is controversy and Religious is going to get its fair share of that and more. I think Maher will enjoy every moment of it!  See the Trailer


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