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More THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR, Interesting Box-Office Comparison, DON’T take the RUMORS seriously and a few new TRAILERS!

According to USA Today, production is scheduled to get under way later this year on the long planned sequel to THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR for a 2009 release. Pierce Bronson (now 55 years old) will once again star although that films female lead Rene Russo will not return. The Thomas Crown Affair, which was a remake of the 1968 movie of the same name starring Steve McQueen, grossed 124 million worldwide on a budget of 48 mill in 1999. Interesting project for a green light as its box-office numbers were solid but not spectacular and the movies audience clearly skews adult.

The comparison in box-office totals for THE DARK KNIGHT vs TITANIC after their first fourteen days of release is interesting indeed. The Dark Knight has pulled in 351 mill in this short time period while Titanic did 124 mill back in 1997, eventually going on to do 601 mill in the U.S. which is the all time record. These numbers really reflect how long Titanic played in theatres. Titanic’s opening weekend was 28.6 mill versus The Dark Knight at 158 mill. While some think Dark Knight could beat Titanic’s record, I think it will fall short by around 120 mill once everything has played itself out.    

All this week there have been all sorts of rumors being bandied about the net speculating on who will play the villains in the next Batman movie. (Johnny Depp as the Riddler and Angelina Jolie as Catwomen to list a few). While some of this stuff is fun to talk about I wouldn’t take any of it seriously as these decisions are a long way off.

Here’s a look a couple of trailers released this week that look pretty promising. The first one is a Jonathan Demme (Silence of the Lambs) film titled RACHEL GETS MARRIED. The film stars Anne Hathaway (Get Smart) as an emotionally troubled war vet who returns home to her family in order to attend her sister’s wedding. There’s early Oscar buzz on Hathaway’s performance and I don’t think there’s any doubt she will be a major presence in movies for a long time to come.   TAKE A LOOK

The other trailer is to the film TAKEN, a revenge thriller that harkens back to the day when Charles Bronson was a major force at the movies taking justice into his own hands. This one stars Liam Neeson and the preview is pretty self explanatory. It’s a really cool trailer –TAKE A LOOK


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