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A new record for THE DARK KNIGHT, THE JUSTICE LEAGUE movie alive and well? and ARMY WIVES well worth your time!

Warner Bros THE DARK KNIGHT hit the 400 million mark in ticket sales Monday in its 18th day in release. Yet another new record! At the current pace the film has a very solid chance to get to 500 mill before wrapping up its theatrical run. It will also be interesting to see how quick the studio tries to get it out on DVD to capitalize on its immense popularity. I would think sooner rather than later.

According to the HERALD SUN, director George Miller says he plans to resume his long delayed big screen version of THE JUSTICE LEAGUE movie which, according to him, will begin production next year. It’s certainly not a secret that many fan boys on the net knock the idea of doing this project and I fully admit that combining the characters of Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Flash and Wonder Woman into one film is a tough one to credibly pull off.  The one thing that gives me hope this could be a respectable film is that it’s being helmed by GEORGE MILLER, the guy who brought us the MAD MAX trilogy. The man has real talent and is easily a better director than 75% of all filmmakers working today. Personally, I would take the batman character out of this equation as I don’t think he works in a live action version of this material! 

TV news of INTEREST- With very little in terms of new shows to watch this summer, I decided to catch up with season two of the lifetime cable networks hit show ARMY WIVES and I must say I’m hooked. Although it’s far from groundbreaking, it’s a solid character driven drama that’s anchored by its two female leads in Kim Delaney (Philly) and Catherine Bell (JAG) who are quite good here. Yes, its a little cliché ridden but it’s also involving and addictive.  I have no doubt this show will have a long multi-year run. Definitely worth checking out! It airs Sunday nights.


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  1. i loooooooove army wives! i TVo every episode. They know just what to say and what to make happen to keep me watching.

    Comment by hoffmannmaddy | August 7, 2008 | Reply

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