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BOX-OFFICE Expectations for two new Releases and early talk about INDIANA JONES 5!

 This Week’s Radio Show: In this episode of Entertainment and Beyond Radio, Chuck and Michael dissect the Mummy’s third outing – Review the record box-office for Dark Knight and analyze the latest trailers for Harry Potter, Pineapple Express, The Spirit, Bill Maher’s Religulous and Oliver Stone’s movie on the life of President Bush titled “W” – plus we remember Jaws and Primary Colors, among other film classics. LISTEN HERE and let us know what you want to hear about. email Chuck

Industry experts are predicting a 35 to 40 mill first five days for the R-rated comedy, PINEAPPLE EXPRESS. Warner Bros sequel, THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS 2 is expected to pull in around 25 mill. Both films opened on Wednesday, a strategy used to get a head start on NBC’s Olympic coverage. The big question in terms of box-office will be whether The Pineapple Express will be a niche film or have a much broader audience. I think the answer to that lies somewhere in-between.

I can’t help but shake my head when I read on the MTV Movie Blog that George Lucas is thinking about ideas for a fifth INDIANA JONES movie. Here’s the thing – it took him nineteen years to come up with the Ho-Hum KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL yet he’s already brainstorming about another installment in the franchise. The one good thing he said in the interview was that it would be an Indiana Jones movie and Shia Labeouf’s Mutt Williams character might not even be in it. I could easily say after this installment that people won’t care if they make another one, but I know that’s just not true. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has pulled in close to 800 million worldwide. The character of Indiana Jones is clearly part of our pop culture, so YES there will still be strong interest even though Harrison Ford is 66 years old. Personally, I’d like to see one more Dr. Jones movie, just NOT with Lucas and Spielberg involved creatively. Nineteen years is a long time for the two to come up with something really good and then not deliver.  Here’s a LINK to article


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