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KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL gets DVD release date, a FREDDY KRUEGER possibility and director COMMENTARY worth a note!

In this week’s episode of Entertainment Today and Beyond Radio, Chuck Curry and Michael Cooper review Pineapple Express, have fun with the latest outrageous clip from Bill Maher’s Religulous and debate their top ten Super Hero movies of all time LISTEN HERE and let us know what you want to hear about. email Chuck

Paramount Pictures has announced an Oct 14th DVD and Blu-ray release date for INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL. I must admit I’m not very excited as I wish the movie itself was just a bad dream for the most part. Although nothing has been officially announced, word has it that Warner Bros will put its mammoth hit, THE DARK KNIGHT, out on DVD sometime in December. No surprise here as the studio will want to capitalize on it for the Holiday shopping season.

While I don’t always comment on all the rumors and made up stuff that floats around the net, the story on JOBLO about the possibility of Billy Bob Thornton stepping in for Robert Englund in the role of FREDDY KREUGER in the Michael Bay produced remake of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET is an intriguing one indeed. The more I think about the possibility the more I like it. Thornton seemed to relish his walk on the darker side with his roles in BAD SANTA and SCHOOL FOR SCOUNDRELS and I think he would have a blast playing this iconic role for a new generation of horror fans. According to the story, Robert Englund passed it along to a radio host while doing an interview last week. I kind of hope there’s something to this and, if not, maybe Bay should consider shelling out a few extra million and get him ,because in the long run, he’ll make it up big time at the box-office. To me it just seems like a real nice fit. I actually hope it happens!

While I don’t always get a chance to listen to commentary on the extra section of all of the DVD’s I watch, I did get a chance to listen to writer/director ROD LURIE’s after I watched his little seen film, RESURRECTING THE CHAMP. While I liked the movie, which starred Josh Harnett and Samuel Jackson, I LOVED his commentary more. Lurie, a former film critic, was as open, honest and just plain genuine as any one I’ve ever heard talking in this type of format. It was a pure joy! One other note on this film – it features an actress named RACHEL NICHOLS in a supporting role and I think she has a really bright future. Not only can she be seen in the entertaining horror film, P2, currently on DVD, she will also appear in two high profile films in the next year – GI JOE and JJ Abrams STAR TREK. I really like her work and expect her career to break out shortly!


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