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The HDNETM channel RULES! What’s in store this week at the MOVIES, an INTERESTING Ratings comparison and LOST re-works star DEALS!

I happened to catch JAWS last night on the HDNETM channel in the glorious widescreen high definition format and boy did it look great. Listen, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there was no better time for movies than the 1970’s. JAWS is one of that decades crowning achievements and, in my mind, the best film Steven Spielberg has ever made. It’s also hard to believe that out of its three stars, Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss, only Dreyfuss is still with us. If you have this channel, and I can’t recommend it enough, they have some of the best movies on TV. Besides JAWS, this month they are showing PAPILLION, SUGARLAND EXPRESS, THE KARATE KID, NETWORK and much more. HERE’S A LINK TO THE SCHEDULE

As for this week’s new theatrical releases, it will be interesting to see if Rain Wilson of Office fame will be able to attract a decent crowd for his new comedy THE ROCKER. I’m also curious to see if the B-movie crowd shows up for DEATH RACE. Jason Stratham, this decade’s answer to Jean Claude Van Damn, stars.

An interesting bit of info to pass along – Saturday’s night’s NBC Olympic coverage in Beijing, which featured the record breaking 8th Gold Medal won by swimmer Michael Phelps, was witnesses by 31 million viewers. That was the best rating the network had for any program on a Saturday night since 1990 when the sitcom EMPTY NEST drew the same amount of viewers. I guess I never realized that show was so popular! AMAZING!

It’s being widely reported that MATTHEW FOX and the rest of the cast of ABC’s hit show LOST are re-negotiating their deals, with Fox getting a bump in salary to two hundred and fifty thousand an episode from one fifty. Good for him, as the show itself is not only the best thing on television but one of the greatest pieces of TV ever produced. As for Fox, since Lost, I have always envisioned him as the perfect actor to play the Rev Scott role in a direct remake of THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE. As we know now, the only similarity in the story Wolfgang Peterson’s version had with the 1972 blockbuster was the concept – not the characters. Fox has the leader role down pat! Oh Well!


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