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Warner Bros reportedly at crossroads with SUPERMAN, 90210 not screened in advance for critics and Sept is almost here for our TV favorites!

Interesting column today posted by Anne Thompson of Variety which talks about the future of SUPERMAN over at Warner Bros. According to her sources, the studio is at a crossroads deciding where to take the franchise and is not quite sure what direction to take. Personally, I think the studio will eventually move forward and do a re-boot instead of bringing back Bryan Singer and producing a sequel to his SUPERMAN RETURNS. That would leave BRANDON ROUTH as the odd man out. That’s a bit sad, as I thought he was very solid in the role, but if they go in a new direction they most likely will use a new actor. As for the direction of the Man of Steel franchise, I have no doubt whoever makes the final decision will have to rip a page out of the Chris Nolan school of filmmaking and place the concept of real terrorism into the fabric of the next story line. While I like Singer’s Superman Returns despite its flaws, he made the mistake of going backwards, as his fondness for the original Richard Donner version was a little too apparent. He never took the character or the world he inhabited into a core reality like the Nolan Batman films did. Superman is still a great character, and I truly believe there is a huge audience for him on the big screen, but you have to up the anti in terms of edginess. It’s what today’s modern audience is demanding and there’s no reason this franchise can’t take itself in that direction.

According to Access Hollywood and other media outlets, the CW network will not send out any advance preview copies of their new 90210 show which is set to premiere on Sept 2nd. While many might take this as an ominous sign, I wouldn’t read too much into it as nobody thought this would be the second coming of Shakespeare. By the way, one interesting footnote to this show, actor Joe E. Tata who played Nat, owner of the peach pit, is part of this new version of the Beverly Hill’s show.



Bill Maher’s REAL TIME show returns to HBO a week from this Friday. For me it’s MUST SEE TV. A few other return dates of interest: HBO’s ENTOURAGE returns Sunday September 7; Grey’s Anatomy September 25; Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters September 28.

One other bit of TV news to report – Fox’s 24 will return with a two hour TV movie November 23 to bridge the gap leading up to the new season starting in January.


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