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The Future of SUPERMAN now appears evident; a chance to revisit THE GODFATHER on the big screen and THE ROCKER barely opens!

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Just as I predicted in my column the other day, it appears that Warner Bros will say goodbye to director Bryan Singer and any plans he had for a sequel to his SUPERMAN RETURNS. According to comingsoon, the studio has laid out plans for their upcoming DC film schedule and the next man of steel movie will RE-INTRODUCE Superman… meaning there will be no sequel to Superman Returns. I’m not surprised as I believe that it will be much easier to re-energize the fan base with the promise of something totally fresh but I feel bad for actor, Brandon Routh, who did a good job in Singer’s movie. It’s also probably the only chance he will ever get to be a big name in Hollywood. There’s little doubt in my mind that the studio heads learned a lot by the huge success of THE DARK KNIGHT. Today’s fans want a little edge to their superheros and I believe that’s what we’ll get when the next film in the franchise eventually goes into production. While I like Superman Returns, despite its flaws, I’m happy Warner Bros is going in a new direction. It really has to if it wants Superman to be a really viable franchise going forward. DC films and Warner Bros also have plans for big screen versions of The Green Lantern and The Flash.

According to themovieblog website Paramount pictures will re-release its classic films, THE GODFATHER ONE & TWO, into theaters across the country sometime in September. Director Francis Ford Coppla has spent the last year and a half re-mastering the 35mm original prints of the two films and says they have never looked better. I just love the idea. Why studios don’t re-release other great movies in their libraries is sort of surprising since all they have to pay for is the cost of marketing. Actually, after George Lucas re-released STAR WARS a few years back with a few digital corrections and the film grossed over a 100 million, I really thought it might develop into a trend. With all the garbage the studios dumps into theaters in January, February, September and October, I really think they should explore this idea more. I know I would like it and don’t think I would be alone!

Fox’s new comedy THE ROCKER, starring Rain Wilson (The office), bombed in its first day of release Wednesday. It grossed an anemic five hundred and seventy seven thousand dollars, placing tenth of all films currently in release. Link to Box-Office


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