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Never Met a Zombi I Didn’t Like…

More ZOMBIE action on the WAY, Two upcoming MOVIES not screened in ADVANCE for critics and the return of DEXTER!

Sarah Polley

Sarah Polley

Casting news of interest- According to The Hollywood Reporter, Woody Harrelson has attached himself to ZOMBIE LAND, yet another undead epic in which he will play a zombie hunter named Alburque. The story will center on a mismatched pair living in a world overrun by zombies. The movie will be produced by Columbia pictures. This is the second big studio zombie film in the planning stages as DAWN OF THE DEAD director, Zach Snyder, is producing ARMY OF THE DEAD – about a father who goes to Las Vegas in search of his daughter in a zombie ridden city. Warner Bros is backing that project. I’m glad to see big studio involvement in this genre as the bigger in scope these films are, the more interesting they turn out. Snyder did wonders with the 50 million WB gave him for his Dawn of the Dead remake.

According to Sci-fi Movie page, 20th Century Fox will not screen the new Vin Diesel actioner, BABYLON A.D. for critics in advance. That film opens this Friday. Lions Gate will apply the same strategy with its Nicolas Cage, BANGKOK DANGEROUS, opening a week later. The bottom line here – the summer season ended with TROPIC THUNDER! Speaking of Vin Diesel, in a recent interview with MTV, the actor is quoted as saying David Twowy is writing scripts for two more Riddick movies. Considering the last poorly received Riddick movie grossed just 57 million four years ago, and Diesel has pretty much disappeared from the scene since then, I find it hard to swallow that Universal will bankroll another entry in this franchise. Hey, who am I to knock wishful thinking!    

TV news of interest – DEXTER will return for its third season on Showtime Sept 28. I can’t say enough about this series as it’s easily one of the best things on Television. The show’s star, Michael C. Hall, is nothing short of terrific as the serial killer with a heart of gold.


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