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Never Met a Zombi I Didn’t Like…

Will the HALLOWEEN franchise ever DIE? and an interesting article about the state of BATMAN 3 well worth reading

According to Bloody Disgusting, Dimension Films are in the planning stages of doing a sequel to Rob Zombies remake of John Carpenter’s classic HALLOWEEN, although Zombie will not be involved. Personally, I don’t know how they’ll be able to pull that off as his interpretation didn’t leave much room for a continuation. Also, about Zombies version, while I liked certain aspects of the film, specifically the first 45 minutes or so, it’s hard to respect his decision to write the Laurie Strode character like an underwritten afterthought. That same character, played by Jaime Lee Curtis back in 1978, was the heart and soul of Carpenter’s original classic. Zombie’s fixation on the Michael Myers character robbed the concept of the power of mystery and his brutally violent style of filmmaking wasn’t right for this material. While I won’t say I wouldn’t watch another Halloween film (because I would), there’s only so much you can do with a concept that has been repeated to death! We’ll see…

Here’s a LINK to an article in today’s HOLLYWOOD REPORTER about the state of a BATMAN 3 and how Warner Bros reacted when learning about the death of Heath Ledger! It’s a pretty good read!


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