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Expect slow weekend BOX-OFFICE and believe it or not GHOSTBUSTERS 3 could be a reality!

Look for the box-office to go into its typical slowdown phase as it almost always does the first week after Labor Day. With the badly reviewed BANGKOK DANGEROUS being the only weekend wide release there’s not too much to get excited over. While I’m a big fan of actor NICOLAS CAGE, he appears to be somewhat overexposed as he continues to crank out film after film. At age forty-four, Cage has been making movies since 1981 when he had a bit part in the Robin Williams comedy, BEST OF TIMES. He has now made over 50 films. Like anyone who has so many movies under their belt, Cage has starred in some real good ones, and some we’d like to forget. A few of my favorite Nic Cage movies are THE ROCK (I wish his Stanley Goodspeed character would return for a sequel), FACE OFF (Travolta and him have never been better, a JOHN WOO classic), CON AIR ( Just pure fun) and the very underrated 8MM, a film that proved Joel Schumacher could helm dark material. I’m certainly part of its cult following. While Cage’s hairline continues to recede, his overall quirkiness is still a cool thing.

According to Variety, Sony Pictures has hired Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg (TV’s The Office) to pen a script for a third GHOSTBUSTERS film which would reunite the original cast of Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson, although none of these principal parties have signed on as of yet. Ivan Reitman, who directed the first two entries in this once popular franchise, is reportedly involved in some capacity. I must admit I’m a little surprised as it’s been over two decades since Ghostbusters was a smash hit back in the summer of 1984. What direction will the script takes these, or any additional characters, has yet to be determined, but the progress of this story should get a lot of ink as things moves forward!


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