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INSIDE MAN 2 moving forward, ENTOURAGE still a must watch, and my take on LOST BOYS: THE TRIBE!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Spike Lee and Warner Bros are moving forward with a follow-up to his heist thriller, INSIDE MAN. Both Denzel Washington and Clive Owen are reportedly very much interested in returning for a second time around. Inside Man did solid box-office, grossing 175 million worldwide. Personally, I really enjoyed the film and thought it was nice to see Spike direct more mainstream fair. I’m really interested in what direction they take this sequel in as it seems that a lot of thought will have to go into getting these two adversaries back for a believable storyline. By the way, Spike Lee’s new WW2 film MIRACLE AT ST. ANNA clocks in with a running time of 166 minutes. That’s a pretty long sit!

HBO’s ENTOURAGE didn’t miss a beat creatively with its new season premiere episode Sunday night. Highly entertaining, it did a really good job setting things in motion that will move its storyline forward this season. This is a MUST SEE program and the best reason to have HBO since The SOPRANOS ended its brilliant run!

I finally got a chance to watch the Direct to DVD sequel to the cult classic, The Lost Boy, which is THE LOST BOYS: THE TRIBE. Overall, the film was certainly watch-able from a DVD point of view as it had a few good elements; Cory Feldman’s fun turn as the vampire hunting Edgar Frog, and the appealing Autumn Reeser (OC fame) as one of the film’s leads. Still, it’s hard to understand why Warner Bros just didn’t finance a theatrical sequel considering the original has a nice sized fan base. Why redo the first film with a bargain basement budget? It just doesn’t make sense to me. Also, the biggest insult of this DVD quickie was the Cory Haim cameo in the closing credits. While I won’t give it away, let’s just say it’s a total insult to fans of the original, and showed the filmmakers here had no real respect for its source material.


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