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While the week after Labor Day is normally a slow one in terms of ticket sales, this weekend wound up being the weakest turnout in five years. With the only new wide release in the marketplace being the badly reviewed BANGKOK DANGEROUS there was little to get excited about to pull people into theaters. The film, where Nicolas Cage plays an assassin who travels to Thailand, pulled in a mild 7.8 mill to land in first place by default. As for Cage, his appeal continues to be wildly up and down. He still has the NATIONAL TREASURE franchise to fall back on and he recently said Warner Bros is in the planning stages of gearing up for GHOST RIDER 2. I love Cage but is anyone excited about that news?

TROPIC THUNDER placed second with a 7.5 mill take, giving it a four week total of 96.8 mill. The Anna Faris comedy, HOUSE BUNNY, placed fourth with 5.9 mill. This twenty-five million dollar production has grossed a profitable 36.9 mill three weeks in release.

One other bit of Box-office news – THE DARK KNIGHT has now grossed 512.3 million in eight weeks, taking in another 5.7 mill in ticket-sales. Worldwide it’s pulled in 949 mill and is now the highest grossing movie ever in the IMAX format, doing 50 mill there and beating the previous record of 45 mill held by THE POLAR EXPRESS.

Things should pick up somewhat next week with the release of RIGHTEOUS KILL a detective thriller starring Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro; although, lets be honest, the two icons are far from the draw they used to be. Also opening is The Coen brothers newest, the comedy BURN AFTER READING with George Clooney, Brad Pitt and John Malkovich. Personally, I think this will be a tough sell among the masses as it appears way too quirky to have huge appeal. LINK to Top Ten


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