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DVD rental costs way too high and a FEW thoughts on the early Television season!

I couldn’t believe that it cost me $5.29 to rent a DVD at Blockbuster the other day. As a reviewer I get to see movies free so I was out of touch with what was going on at the retail level.  I must admit I felt violated if not ripped off! It’s pretty evident that the chain is trying to sell every customer the Monthly Rewards Program as they’re trying to go head to head with Netflix. Still $5.29 is a deal breaker, especially for Lost Boys: The Tribe.

I really like what I see so far after two episodes of ENTOURAGE as the HBO show is as entertaining as ever. While it’s been said many times, I’ll say it again, Jeremy Piven was born to play the Ari Gold agent character as every scene he’s in is priceless.

After watching the first two episodes of Fox’s TERMINATOR: The Sarah Conner Chronicles, I have to say no show on television stages more exciting action sequences as the stuff they do on this program. It is totally top notch! This has really become one of my favorite programs.
Two episodes into HBO’s new vampire program, TRUE BLOOD, and I really like the way the show ends each week with a cool cliffhanger that immediately continues into its following installment! While the shows pace is somewhat deliberate, it’s certainly interesting and fairly original. So far I like it!

TNT has given renewals to two of its original dramas: SAVING GRACE and Steven Bochco’s new legal drama, RAISING THE BAR. The basic cable network is becoming a strong player in the TV game as it also has the hit show, THE CLOSER, which attracts almost 8 million viewers a week. TNT has a bunch of new original programs slated to air before years end and continue to gain in the marketplace!


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