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MCGUIRE rolling in dough, another HULK movie iffy at best and a look at some Television RATINGS!

It’s being reported that actor TOBEY MCGUIRE will pocket a whopping 50 million dollars plus a backend deal to shoot SPIDERMAN 4&5 back to back for Sony Pictures. While this is great for McGuire, its seems somewhat insane as the Spiderman franchise would be just as popular with a new actor playing both Peter Parker and his superhero alter ego. I had suggested that actor Adam Brody, who starred in Fox’s teen drama THE OC, would fit the part like a glove, and Sony could probably pay him less than two million to do both films, while keeping 48 million in their back pocket. Make no mistake, I love McGuire in the role and think he’s done a great job, but from a pure business point of view, if I’m the studio I’m not paying that salary!

Actor Edward Norton has confirmed in a recent interview that there have been no discussions about another entry in Marvel’s THE INCREDIBLE HULK franchise. It’s pretty obvious that Marvel is pretty gun shy about pulling the trigger on another installment since the big budgets and overall worldwide grosses don’t equal big profits. It’s a shame if another one is not produced because Norton is a top notch talent, and really good in the Banner role. 

As I predicted, the new JJ Abrams produced show, FRINGE, benefited greatly from its HOUSE lead-in as it held just about all of its audience, pulling in close to fourteen million viewers in its second week on the air. I thought last night’s episode was terrific and I have no doubt this show will not only maintain this type of audience but build on it.

On the flipside of the coin, Fox’s Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles, has gotten out of the gate in a bad way in its sophomore season, averaging less than six million viewers so far. That’s down over two million from last year when the studio had it on the bubble. With the show’s high budget, I doubt the network’s patience will be lenient. What it really needs is to be placed after the network’s other big hit 24 which returns in January. I really believe it’s a terrific program and deserves a much bigger audience. If it doesn’t get one soon, I wouldn’t be surprised the see the plug pulled sooner than later!


September 19, 2008 - Posted by | Reviews

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