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ENTOURAGE On Creative High, a few thoughts on the EMMY’S, a whole host of PROGRAMS return this week, and will EAGLE EYE be big?

I thought Sunday night’s episode of ENTOURAGE was one of the funniest efforts that the HBO program has ever produced! It was quite fitting that while Jeremy Piven was knocking it out of the park once again he was winning another Emmy for his Agent Ari Gold character almost at the same time! He is one terrific talent. The show itself reportedly will be picked up for a sixth season.

Speaking of the Emmy’s, producers clearly made a bad choice handing over the hosting duties to a handful of reality hosts, including Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum, on Sunday night. Their opening skit was forced and void of any real laughs. I might be biased, but is anyone else sick of seeing RYAN SEACREST? I know I am!  
As for the awards themselves, I must admit I haven’t watched MAD MEN but after the show won the Emmy for best drama I’m going to start. Again, I’m probably biased but I thought LOST had one of the great season’s in TV history and I wanted to see it win but it didn’t. Plus, the fact that FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS was completely ignored makes me wonder how many voting member’s really watch some of these shows! Ratings were at a historic low as the telecast attracted just 12.3 million viewers.

I’m really looking forward to this week as a bunch of shows return including Heroes, Grey’s Anatomy, ER, Dexter and Brothers and Sisters!

While September at the movies has been ho hum at best, DreamWorks new action thriller EAGLE EYE might do some real damage at the box-office as early reviews are good, and its star, Shia Lebeouf, is a certainly a draw. It opens Friday!


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