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Will SPIKE LEE’S New WW2 film draw a crowd? and MOBY DICK for a modern AGE!

With a running time of 2 hrs and 40 minutes and advance lukewarm reviews Spike Lee’s WW2  film, MIRACLE AT ST ANNA, faces a tough road to box-office success when it theaters this Friday. I just can’t see it doing much business without the backstop of great reviews to fuel interest.

I’m really intrigued by Universal hiring WANTED director, Timur Bekmanbetov, to direct a re-imagining of the classic MOBY DICK story. While I have no doubt the idea of modern day special effects will be a strong selling point, I really hope all involved focus in on character and story and avoid the pitfalls of WOLFGANG PETERSON, who relied solely on effects for his disaster at sea remake, POSEIDON. Even though that film was totally watchable and exciting, it could have been so much more if they had taken the time to develop its characters. Captain Ahab reportedly will be more of a charismatic character than the obsessed one of the original novel. I think this would be a good project for George Clooney!


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