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ER kills off MAIN character!

After much speculation, Miki Pfeiffer’s Dr Pratt character was killed off in the season premier of ER on Thursday night. It wasn’t very surprising since it’s been pretty widely known after being reported at the end of last year. What was surprising was the way he meet his demise. Last season’s cliffhanger had Pratt riding in the back of an ambulance that had exploded, when a group of mobsters carried out a hit on a mob informant, played by guest star Steve Busemi. It didn’t look good for either one of them. Well, when this new season opened, Pratt had survived appearing pretty much intact, but we slowly start to realize he has a neck hematoma that is causing him to slowly bleed out. As the grueling hour passes, despite a gallant effort his fellow colleagues are unable to save him, and he passes away on the operating table.

As a fan of the show from the beginning it was a compelling but really sad piece of television to view. As for Pfeiffer, he had asked to be taken out as he wants to pursue other avenues at this stage in his career, including directing. He had been on the program for eight seasons. His first episode was ORION IN THE SKY, a classic piece of TV which happened to be Dr Mark Green’s (Anthony Edwards) last day in the ER before he was killed off. Pfeiffer brought a lot to the long running show, and his character was a terrific role model for inner city kids. I’ll miss him in this fifteenth and final season for this TV institution. Here’s a LOOK at his final moments in case you missed it!


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