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Universal PLANNING Skyscraper DISASTER flick!

Good News for DISASTER fans. According to Variety, Universal has acquired the rights to produce a film entitled SKYSCAPER. The story (a pitch by a screenwriter named Mike Sobel) is being described as a modern day TOWERING INFERNO, in which a Donald Trump-like developer sets out to build a mile high super structure in the city of Chicago. When the tower starts to falter, a crew must rescue the city from mayhem. Surprisingly, studios are not overly gunshy about producing movies in this genre, considering Warner Bros took a financial bath with its Wolfgang Peterson re-imagining of POSEIDON just a few years ago. Universal also has plans to develop a new Earthquake related film and Roland Emmerich (Day After Tomorrow) will start production shortly on “2012,” a film described as an ‘end of the world’ movie. Personally, I still feel that the 1972 film, The Poseidon Adventure, and 1974’s, The Towering Inferno, were the benchmarks for this genre. I must admit I hope this trend continues – I love this stuff!


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ETB Radio – Celebrate Halloween with the Top 5 Horror Movies of all time

It’s Halloween!!! Chuck and Michael reveal their Top 5 Horror Movies of all time along with movie news. LISTEN HERE and let us know what you want to hear about. email Chuck
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W. star RICHARD DREYFUSS calls Oliver Stone a fascist on The VIEW

This is an interview I caught yesterday morning on the popular ABC gabfest, The View. Richard Dreyfuss came on to promote W., in which he plays Dick Cheney. Dreyfuss, who is a really interesting guy, tells it like it is or at least the way he sees it. He speaks not only of W.’s strong points, but also some of its weaker one’s. He also takes a shot at the film’s director, Oliver Stone, who he actually calls a fascist. I’ve always admired Dreyfuss as an actor and find him to be a fascinating speaker. Here’s the interview in its entirety.

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Clint Eastwood’s GRAN TORINO Trailer!

Warner Bros just released this trailer to Gran Torino, the first film that CLINT EASTWOOD has starred in since MILLION DOLLAR BABY. He also directs. Going by what I see here, I think this could be a major treat for old school Clint fans as his tough guy persona still appears to be intact in this revenge drama, even at the age of 78! I have a feeling this will MAKE YOUR DAY! Here’s a look.

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ETB Radio Show: W. + Top Political Movies and Actors of all time

It’s Election Time! Chuck and Michael reveal their Top 5 Political Movies of all time along with movie news. LISTEN HERE and let us know what you want to hear about. email Chuck … Plus Chuck and Michael reveal their Top 5 Actors of all time along with movie news. LISTEN HERE 
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Disney’s HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 opened to a very impressive 42 million in ticket sales, giving it the biggest opening ever for a musical, surpassing this year’s Mamma Mia, which grossed 27.8 million in its first weekend out. This is a somewhat unusual story, as the first two entries in the series were produced as TV movies that aired and gained tremendous popularity on the Disney channel. I would expect Disney to put a fourth entry into production as quickly as possible as the cast isn’t getting any younger. 

SAW V continued that franchise’s tradition for big openings in the month of October. The latest critic-proof entry did 30.5 million in ticket-sales, placing second. By Tuesday morning the Saw series will be the highest grossing franchise in the history of horror movies, surpassing the FRIDAY THE 13th series which produced eleven films and grossed 318 million overall! 

One other story of mention at the box-office; Warner Bros cop drama, PRIDE and GLORY, garnered little interest with the film pulling in a very weak 6.3 million in its opening frame, placing fifth. It’s also further proof that good actors like Edward Norton and Colin Farrell can’t open a film. Here’s a look at the weekend’s Top Ten.

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The Trades review QUANTUM OF SOLACE!

Here’s a look at a couple of early reviews for the new 007 film from the two big trades, The Hollywood Reporter and Variety. It appears to me that from the last James Bond outing, CASINO ROYALE, and now reading about this latest installment, the creators have clearly created a Bond that appeals to the under 35 crowd much more than to the fans who grew up on Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Pierce Bronson of the 60’s through early 2000’s. Whether the decision to take out the character’s sense of humor and turn him into a soulless killing machine, void of much feeling, will continue to be a winning formula is yet to be seen, but my gut feeling is that older demographic will lose patience with this approach sooner than later, while the younger crowd who identifies with the Bourne Identity franchise will continue to eat this up. Personally I like the older school Bond better but still look forward to this new film!

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DEXTER renewed for TWO more seasons!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Showtime has renewed it’s critically acclaimed series DEXTER for two more seasons. Both seasons will be twelve episodes each. Considering the fact that the show is one the most compelling dramas on the air, this is great news. I thought last Sunday’s episode where Dexter gets even closer to officially becoming a family man was a terrific piece of television. While the program’s structure is somewhat different this season from the first two, the show remains of the highest quality and is a must see for fans who admire great television. Michael C. Hall, who plays the title character, a forensic blood splatter expert by day and serial killer by night, is truly one of the most unique and interesting actors I’ve seen in quite some time. What can I say, I love the show!  Considering how many average movies are released each month, it’s starting to become obvious that the best writing talent is on the Television side of things now, and shows like Dexter are proof of that!

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