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BROTHERS AND SISTERS returns, FRINGE most DVR’d program, BILL MAHER makes the rounds and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is back!

ABC’s BROTHERS AND SISTERS returned Sunday night for its third season, attracting a healthy 12.8 million viewers. The show remains a really fun watch as it’s a pure family soap opera with a cast that has great chemistry together. It truly is one of TV’s best guilty pleasures. It certainly has me hooked!

According to tvbythenumbers.com, Fox’s new show FRINGE is the most DVR’d program on television. I must admit I DVR just about everything I want to see and then watch it a day or two later!

It’s been fun watching BILL MAHER do the rounds promoting his new documentary RELIGULOUS. His appearance on The VIEW Tuesday morning was a particularly good watch as both Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sherry Sheppard looked at him like he’s the crazy one. Personally, I think all people should watch Religulous with an open mind as all Maher is doing is asking the simple question of why we believe in what we believe. From my mind’s eye it’s a perfectly healthy discussion, whatever our faiths might be!  

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS returns tomorrow, Wednesday night Oct 1; channel 101 on direct TV. The critically acclaimed family program will also air on NBC starting in January, with the first episode re-airing right after the SUPERBOWL. For the record, I’m a big fan of this show as it’s very well written with a solid cast featuring KYLE CHANDLER and CONNIE BRITTON.


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