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In an interview with the LA Times Blog, hero complex Harrison Ford confirmed that George Lucas is brainstorming ideas and momentum is building on plans for a fifth INDIANA JONES film. Considering that the KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL brought in 783,000,000 worldwide, I’m not surprised. The real question is: Would another one be worth doing? Despite a 77% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes many fans, including myself, were shockingly disappointed in this summer’s latest Jones entry. It was filled with a bunch of half baked ideas, bad CGI, and a story that ran out of steam before the halfway point in its running time. In a prior interview, Lucas admitted that Steven Spielberg and he were at a crossroads with the direction of the franchise while production was taking place. Never a good sign, especially when you have nineteen years to figure it out.

Personally, I think regaining the magic of the original trilogy is a tall task indeed. Those films were the bedrock of pop culture entertainment from 1981-1989. Although he still looks great, at 66 Ford isn’t a young man anymore and the sidekick idea with the Shia LaBeouf MUTT WILLIAMS character is nothing to get excited about. One has to wonder if they should go the prequel route, and recast the character for a new generation. Eventually I believe this will happen but not just yet. I have no doubt Ford will be back at least one more time. For it to be worth the effort, Lucas and Spielberg need to get on the same page and get both a solid script and the heart to put everything they have into it creatively. It will have to be something very special to erase the bad taste of the last installment!


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  1. Say it aint so! I was so pumped for Indy IV until I saw it. When you said,”bad CGI” you’re not kidding! I took my kids to see it, who weren’t alive to see one of the best trilogies ever made and their response was, “Dad, those are the kind of movies you grew up with? Too bad!”

    Comment by robd99 | October 6, 2008 | Reply

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