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TV NEWS: Maura Tierney says goodbye, Brothers and Sisters really clicking creatively and what’s UP with Jimmy Smits on Dexter!

MAURA TIERNEY says goodbye to her ABBY LOCKHART character on ER this Thursday night. Tierney’s been a fixture on the program since 2000 and has been the show’s center for the last few years. Her character really came into prominence when Julianna Margulis decided to leave during season 6 back in 2001, a decision many still don’t understand to this day. Tierney’s legacy on the long running medical drama which is now in its 15th and final season is certainly secure. She’s done fine work and is well liked by fans. Unlike Miki Pfeiffer who bowed out in this season’s first episode with no possibility of return, even if they do a reunion episode, her swan song has her character leaving intact. Bittersweet but alive! I’m really looking forward to seeing NOAH WYLE returns as DR. JOHN CARTER for four upcoming episodes, and I anxiously await the fact that ANTHONY EDWARDS is coming back in a flashback episode in November. He reprises his role of Dr. MARK GREEN. That character, the show’s bedrock, was killed off in the 2002 season. His absence was a void never totally filled!

ABC’s BROTHERS AND SISTERS has been highly enjoyable this season and is becoming one of the very best night time family soap operas ever produced. In the 80’s and 90’s I was a big fan of KNOTS LANDING and, while Brothers and Sisters is different from a storyline point of view, it’s a really fun piece of television to watch every week. Creatively it’s really hitting its stride! The cast lead by SALLY FIELD has big time chemistry and it’s become a MUST watch for me! I think it will have a very long run!

While I’m really enjoying season 3 of Showtime’s DEXTER, I hope the writers know where they’re going with the JIMMY SMIT’S DA character, MIGEL PRADO. His friendship with the Dexter character has me perplexed to say the least. It will be interesting to see where it will lead and whether the writers will stretch his storyline out for the entire season.


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