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WALL STREET for a new Generation!

According to Variety, Fox has put its planned sequel to WALL STREET on the fast track, hiring screenwriter Allan Loeb (21) to do a complete re-write of an earlier draft in development titled “Money Never Sleeps.” Michael Douglas’s Oscar winning character, GORDON GEKKO, will be the stories centerpiece although original writer and director Oliver Stone will have no involvement. Considering all that has gone on in the last year with the sub-prime crisis and Wall Street greed at unprecedented levels, the timing certainly feels right for this project although I have mixed feelings about the Gordon Gekko character’s return. While I’m a big fan of Douglas, I feel there’s a bigger more important story to be told and rehashing the character may or may not do this very serious subject matter total justice. I guess we’ll have to see! As a former stock broker who was involved in a firm selling OTC stocks in the late 80’s, I could relate more to the film BOILERROOM, as everything about it was dead on to what I saw. Still, I look forward to seeing a follow up to Wall Street and hope they do some serious research and tell an important story. Lord knows we are living history and there’s a plethora of material out there yet to come up!

Actually, I would be very interested in seeing a film based on what goes on behind the scenes at CNBC, a station that throws out information on a moments notice, much of which is done for the sole purpose of pumping something up. Guys like JIM CRAMER and LARRY KUDLOW have lost the pubic countless millions with their nonstop optimism which has proven to be catastrophic for those who have listened with their wallet!


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