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Will the New STAR TREK film fly, and my opinion on NBC’S MY OWN WORST ENEMY!

Paramount has started an early marketing BLITZ for JJ Abrams new STAR TREK re-boot which features a whole new cast with the exception of Leonard Nimoy who will reprise his role of the film’s older Spock. Besides the six photo stills released today on the net, the film will be the cover story on next week’s Entertainment Weekly. Considering Abrams is one of Hollywood’s best talents (Lost, Mission Impossible 3) I have no doubt this film will be good but will it attract a new generation of fans beside the core base which really thinned out with the last few Trek films.

Look for the newest trailer attached to the new James Bond film Quantum of Solace in November, and the film itself next summer. While not being a huge Star Trek fan, I did attend a few conventions in NYC years ago and thought they were fun. The fan base is unlike any other as there’s something a bit surreal standing around grown men dressed as Klingons! Writing that brings back GREAT memories!   

NBC’s highly hyped new show, MY OWN WORST ENEMY, where CHRISTIAN SLATER plays a spy with a split personality, drew a somewhat disappointing 7.3 million viewers in its premier episode Monday night. The program, which plays like a cross between Total Recall, True Lies, and Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, was slightly confusing, but also extremely ambitious and fun. I’ve always been a fan of CHRISTIAN SLATER and he certainly makes for an interesting presence as a network TV lead which I thought was refreshing. While it’s hard to really tell how good or bad any new show will be from one episode, I think the program has a ton of potential. The big question is – will enough viewers stick around to see it to really develop. Many TV viewers in today’s world don’t like to think too much and this show is definitely for the thinking person. 7.5 Out of 10


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