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Here’s a LOOK at a short but effective PROMOTIONAL reel ABC has released for LOST: Season 5!

I’m very interested to see what the creators of LOST have in store for this upcoming season as it’s no secret that I feel it’s the very best program on television. To say that the writers of this show are talented would be a tremendous understatement. They have created one of the most original, involving, and totally thought provoking pieces of television since ROD SERLING created THE TWILIGHT ZONE back in the 1960’s. Producer JJ ABRAMS and crew have raised the standard for television creativity pretty high with a show that continues to fascinate with each episode.

The decision to go with the idea of flash forward at the end of season 3 was as brilliant an idea as any in the history of television. It opened up so many inventive angles that fans of the show watch with their mouths open in admiration, myself included. The thought process that goes on in writing for Lost must not only be admired but respected. I can’t say enough about it as it’s not only a must watch, but a program I think will go down as one of the very best accomplishments in TV history! It’s very high praise indeed, but totally justified!

View Trailer  If they remove this link AGAIN – try the Lost site [look under “Recent Posts” in the right-hand column]


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