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SPIDERMAN 4 gets a new screenwriter – and let’s put SPIDERMAN 3 into perspective!

With the news out this week that Sony has hired Pulitzer prize winning playwright David Lindsay Abrams as a screenwriter for it’s SPIDERMAN 4, I continue to be amazed at the internet blog hate from so many for Spiderman 3. I must admit I don’t totally get it. I love the character of Spiderman and thought the first two entries in Sam Raimi’s series were terrific. Spiderman 2 is flawless and one of the top elite superhero movies ever produced. Now there’s no doubt that Spiderman 3 has its problems. The film is overstuffed with too many characters, and director Raimi was forced to shoehorn the films second villain, Venom, into the storyline by the studio, backed by fan outcry to put the character in the movie. Overbaked yes; terrible, no WAY! When some use the word terrible, does that mean they think the film is on par with Superman 3 and 4 or Batman and Robin as mega turkeys of the superhero movie world. I understand all opinions are subjective but in the context of the Spiderman universe I thought the story worked, despite the bumps and it’s not remotely fair to talk about it in the same breath as Batman and Robin. That’s overkill at its worst.

On Rotten Tomatoes, Spiderman 3 has a 61% positive rating (with many critics liking it a lot) and was the highest grossing film of 2007, pulling in $336,530,000 domestically. The Dark Knight director, Chris Nolan, will face the same ominous hurdle with his Batman 3, as anything short of brilliant will meet with a vicious backlash. After the treatment Sam Raimi has received by some, I wish Nolan the best of luck. Like Spiderman 2, The Dark Knight won’t be an easy task to live up to and bloggers will certainly let him know that!


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