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HEROES on SHAKY ground

heroes-entertainment-weeklyWith NBC’s decision to fire the two hands-on producers/writers (Jesse Alexander and Jeph Loeb) of its Monday night program HEROES, one would have to think the show is in big trouble. After riding the wave of a terrific freshman season two years ago, the program hit a creative roadblock last year when the writing staff could not sustain originality or momentum and bogged the show down into a confusing mess. While this third season has been better than last, it has still failed to capture the magic of its first season’s roots.

When many on the internet were blowing off LOST in favor of HEROES as TV’s most inventive show, I shook my head since I never thought the two were in the same league. While Lost continues to amaze, Heroes searches for direction and, now, inspiration. I have to wonder if Heroes can really be salvaged. If it can, I really believe that many characters have to be eliminated. They need to come up with a focused storyline, and continue to take fan suggestions. Like many, I want to get that same Heroes thrill that I did two years ago. Trying to regain that magic will be a tall task indeed. With ratings down over 4 million viewers year to year, and the show’s budget a whopping four million per episode, NBC is rattling the cage. Whether the birds start singing again is something we’ll have to wait and see!


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