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australia1The running time for Baz Luhrman’s AUSTRALIA reportedly clocks in at 165 minutes. Look for reviews to start leaking this week as critic screenings will take place here in the States starting Wednesday. I’m really looking forward to this film as I think the latest trailer is as good as any I’ve seen since Titanic back in 1997. It’s both powerful and moving. Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman star in the epic love story set against the backdrop of WW2. It hits theater Nov 26.

day-the-earth-4I have to think that Fox’s THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL remake, starring Keanu Reeves, will be a big attraction when it hits theaters Dec 12. I would expect the same audience to turn out that made Will Smith’s Sci-fi actioner I AM LEGEND a huge hit in the same time period last year. This new poster certainly is cool!

It was nice to see that actor Robert Downey Jr. was Entertainment Weekly’s entertainer of the year. Given that Downey elevated Ironman to a very high level then turned in a blisteringly funny performance in Tropic Thunder, he’s certainly a deserving candidate. 

darkknightawards-440x233Lionsgate has set an Oct 23, 2009, release date for SAW VI. Considering the low budget and the solid box-office of these films, it appears there is no end in site. Lionsgate has confirmed that stellenfact. Warner Bros has started its marketing push to get THE DARK KNIGHT a best picture nomination by running ads in the trades. My gut feeling tells me it will get that nomination.
Kudos to actor Stellen Skarsgard (Exorcist the Beginning) for his terrific guest appearance on HBO’s Entourage. His take as an egotistical director of the fictional movie Smoke Jumpers, which costars series character Vinnie Chase (Adrian Grenier) is Emmy worthy, making Sunday’s episode a classic. Entourage is having a great season.


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  1. Oh no…did you just saw Saw VI? I heard a horrible rumor that they are going to make up to Saw X?

    Comment by robd99 | November 21, 2008 | Reply

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