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With just two episodes left this season I can’t say enough about Showtime’s DEXTER. The writers have done it for a third straight year, mapping out a 12 episode storyline that has you on the edge of your seat. If only the writing in feature films were half as good! Can you imagine the original pitch? A show about an empathetic serial killer – original and awesome!

californication_102_0609Showtime has picked up its adult oriented CALIFORNICATION for a third season. The show, featuring David Duchovny as a hedonistic writer in Los Angeles, is a fun and very different half hour of television. Word to the wise; don’t watch with your grandmother!

er-logoNBC has announced that March 12, 2009 will be the final episode of its long-running medical drama, ER. It will be a two hour episode airing at 9PM. I’m wondering if George Clooney will make an appearance one last time as Dr. Doug Ross since the show launched his career. I bet he will! If he does it’s highly unlikely it will be promoted in advance. It’s hard to believe that a 15 year weekly habit will come to an end.

The third season of the critically acclaimed series, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, returns to NBC on what else, a Friday night, January 16. The show has been airing on Direct TV since October having split production costs with the Peacock network in order to keep the low-rated program on the air. I am a big fan. It’s one of the best shows on television. It takes what could be an overworked plot – football coach meets fanatical High School Football town – and turns it into a compelling story of human relationships that any parent or Football fan can relate to.

smallvillenewopeningcredits According to TV guide, despite a ratings upswing for SMALLVILLE this season, the show might come to an end in May as there are some actor availability issues to deal with. Most notably, the show’s star, Tom Welling, who might finally hang things up. Producers go on to say that Welling’s ‘Clark Kent’ will most likely never put on the cape and actually become the man of steel in the TV show, as Warner Bros would probably shoot the idea down, deeming it a conflict of interest with the studios Superman movie franchise. Pretty stupid if you ask me! The focus on the blossoming love story between Lois and Clark this season has really reenergized the programs appeal, with a nice creative rebound. I hope it lives to see another season.

In a sad note; actor Paul Benedict, who played the English neighbor Harry Bentley on the hit sitcom The Jefferson’s, passed away Friday December 5th. He was 70 years old.


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