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Weekend BOX-OFFICE and other MOVIE news by Chuck Curry

four-chrThe holiday comedy FOUR CHRISTMASES held the top spot at the nations box-office for the second straight weekend, pulling in $16.7 million for a two week total of $69.4 mill. The films co-star, Reese Witherspoon, pocketed a cool $14 million to do the movie which should make her Christmas pretty joyful.
TWILIGHT placed second, grossing $13 mill in ticket sales for a three week total of $138.4. In an interesting footnote, Summit Entertainment and Catherine Hardwicke jointly announced on Sunday night that she would not be coming back to direct the films sequel, FULL MOON. Despite the huge success with their collaboration, it appears bad blood developed between the two parties.

punisher-3Other box-office items of interest: PUNISHER: WAR ZONE bombed pulling in a paltry $4.3 mill on a budget of $35. Forget the fact that most critics weren’t kind, Lionsgate did a horrible job of marketing the film as trailers never revealed any story arc, only showing gunfire aplenty. Still I’m surprised it had such an anemic turnout. Here’s a LOOK at the weekends Top ten

With only a handful of days before its release there’s not a single review posted on Rotten Tomatoes for THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL. My gut feeling – NOT a great sign. With its current trailers less than spectacular, one has to wonder if 20th Century Fox’s holiday tent pole film is set to lay a massive box-office egg.

jurassicthree1According to an interview with comingsoon.com, Producers Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy said plans have fallen through on JURASSIC PARK 4. While I have mixed feelings about this news it’s most likely for the best. There’s not really much more that can be done with the concept that hasn’t already been explored, and the element of pure wonder pretty much dissipated after Spielberg’s amazing original. Still, with the enormous fan base this franchise has, I wouldn’t say another Jurassic Park film won’t materialize sometime down the road.


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