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Top TEN 2008 Movie ITEMS worth reflecting on by Chuck Curry

thewrestlerlast10-440x26210. MICKEY ROURKE When Nicolas Cage dropped out of Darren Aronosky’s “The Wrestler,” Mickey Rourke filled in. While not many people thought much of it at the time, it now appears Rourke will play a big part come Oscar night. A really good story!
9. THE HAPPENING Not only the year’s worst film, but it solidified the staggering fall of director/writer M. Night Shyamalan. How could the same guy who conceived The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable be reduced to such utter silliness. I hope he bounces back!

cloverfield_galleryteaser28. HUGH JACKMAN AS HOST OF OSCARS While I’m a Jackman fan, I feel the Academy is going in the wrong direction here. For me it’s always been about the opening monologue. With Jackman as host there won’t be any!   

7. TWILIGHT The film version of the best selling novel fancied by teen girls, is a huge worldwide smash. It appears a new franchise has been born. The sequel NEW MOON starts filming in March!

6. CLOVERFIELD No other main stream movie divided audiences like this one. The JJ Abrams produced film about a Godzilla-like monster that wrecks havoc in NYC, seen through the eyes of a hand held camera, had ironman_07-2people loving it or hating it! I loved it! Its 9/11 type feel gives it great power! A fascinating movie.

5. THE REMAKES KEEP COMING It seems like every week a Studio is announcing a remake of an old favorite.  Already announced, Romancing the Stone, Arthur, They Live, and Old Boy to name a few, and those in just the last month. It’s an epidemic that won’t end until every film ever made is eventually redone. Don’t laugh – it will happen.

4. INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL 19 years for this! A massive disappointment as the film has little of the magic of the batman-fulloriginal trilogy. Spielberg and Lucas should hand the reins over to a new creative team. I can’t believe I’m saying that, but I am.

3. ROBERT DOWNEY JR Entertainment Weekly named Downey Jr. its entertainer of the year. It’s hard to argue against that pick as the guy scored big with turns in Iron Man (his charm elevated that pic to much greater heights) and Tropic Thunder (blisteringly funny as an Australian actor portraying a black soldier). Once in the toilet, his career couldn’t be any hotter!

2. THE DARK KNIGHT I never would have believed that a Batman film could do almost a billion dollars in ticket-sales worldwide, as I always felt joker-nowthat the material’s dark sensibilities would restrict that kind of mass interest. Well, when you produce a film this great, you do draw a crowd! Despite flaws in the last half hour this is head and shoulders above any superhero film ever made! Something really special indeed. The Academy will do itself a disservice if there’s no best picture nomination.

1. HEATH LEDGER The year’s saddest story. While one could argue that his death was senseless (and it was) it was also one of the most stunning in quite some time. I remember going on the Drudge Report and seeing a tease headline that read Heath Ledger found… I clicked on and it read Heath Ledger found Dead. I must say I was shocked. Being a big Batman fan, and knowing he had completed his role as the Joker, it was beyond surreal. After seeing The Dark Knight I honestly never thought he had that in him. He was brilliant, giving a performance for the ages. He will be missed.


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