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TOP TEN 2008 Television ITEMS worth reflecting on

true-blood-poster10. TRUE BLOOD- HBO’s vampire series was as wacky a show as I’ve seen all year, and I say that in a good way. I look forward to Season Two.

9. FX channel- With shows like Nip Tuck, Rescue Me, Damages and The Shield, the basic cable network has become a force to be reckoned with!

8. 90210- While NOT quite as good as the original Beverly Hills 90210, it’s not the disaster many predicted. It’s actually very watchable entertainment that should get better as it goes along.

smalls8-loisclark7. SMALLVILLE- The long running program has received a nice creative rebound this season. The new focus on the budding romantic relationship between Lois and Clark has put renewed energy into the show. Personally, I think Tom Welling would make a great big screen man of steel.

6. BROTHERS AND SISTERS- Not since Knots Landing in the 1980’s has Television seen such fun nighttime guilty pleasure. Sally Field and the rest of the cast have chemistry in spades. My only question is – how many family dinners can these characters have? 

5. GREYS ANATOMY- For the record, I still like the show, but in many aspects it’s jumped the shark. Already this season we’ve seen a main greysanatomycharacter sleeping with a ghost and interns operating on each other. Bizarre stuff indeed. Not to mention the behind the scenes unhappiness of a few of their high profile cast members. Still, its one of televisions biggest hits, attracting more than 15 million viewers a week!     

4. JAY LENO- The announcement of a 5 night a week 10 PM  timeslot for Leno starting next year was not only a shocker, but proof network executives are grasping at straws to solve their ratings erosion problem.

3. DEXTER- For the third straight year this Showtime program dexter_lcontinued to WOW. The addition of Jimmy Smits was a brilliant move as his star power proved to work beautifully against our serial killer hero, Dexter Morgan’s, quiet confidence. Michael C. Hall continues to be a revelation in the title role.

2. LOST- If there is a show with writers that have more imagination that these guys please let me know. I continue to be amazed at how they keep the program fascinating each and every episode. Quality that should be applauded.

1. NETWORK RATINGS- Quite simply, they continue to slide. With competition from cable (both basic and pay) and the internet, network ratings continue to slide. The Leno move is the first real sign that Executives are throwing up the red flag with no answer in sight!


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