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Never Met a Zombi I Didn’t Like…


ghostsofgirlfriendspastpic1Yet another romantic comedy starring Matthew McConaughy, who’s made a career in this genre. Actually it looks pretty good. It co-stars one of my favorites, Jennifer Garner, and Michael Douglas. Look for it in theaters May 1, 2009


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Stallone to revisit RAMBO again, FRIDAY the 13th just around the corner and Please watch FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS

rambo5Rambo– In a recent interview with TV’s Extra, Sylvester Stallone gave the heads up on a 5th Rambo installment. Yeah, “We are doing another Rambo but the conflict is whether to do it in America or a foreign country”. As a big fan of the entire series I’m glad to hear this news. This time I would like to see Sly set the film in the States and come up with a Die Hard type scenario for the character to take down terrorists on our soil. It’s amazing that the guy can make this character believable at his age but he can. Having said that, while I have no problem with him revisiting Rambo, it would be a travesty if he dusted off the boxing gloves for another Rocky. The last installment, Rocky Balboa, was a beautiful ending to that immortal franchise.

Friday the 13th– I have a strong feeling there will be more than a few curiosity seekers for this re-imagined version of the 1980 classic slasher film. The film should have a sizable opening in the 30 million dollar range. Paramount will release repackaged DVD versions of the original ten Jason films next week in anticipation of a short term bounce in the popularity of the long running horror character. While no one is going to mistake these films for high art they are pretty effective in the genre and a fun watch. I‘m looking forward to the new spin on things when it hits theaters Feb 13.

Friday Night Lights– Easily the best show on television that very few people are watching. Writers of this program continue to churn out one terrific episode after another. This is a show that always feels real. It never has contrived resolutions to story threads and is very well acted and involving. As far as I’m concerned the show is even better than the movie – which I thought was great. It’s currently pulling in around 5 million viewers on NBC, Friday nights, after airing first on Direct TV in 2008 as part of a deal worked out between the two broadcast companies. I’m hoping it survives to see a season 3. In terms of quality it’s a no-brainer.

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WATCHMEN countdown starts and GHOST RIDER to RETURN

watchmen-final-posterWatchmen– With 36 days to the release of Warner Bros WATCHMEN, expect a mammoth marketing blitz from the studio, in the hopes that they can make this the next ‘big thing’. While attendance from the fan boy crowd is a given, can the studio make this film appeal to the masses when they have no knowledge of the graphic novel it’s based on? The jury is still out on that question. I said it before and I’ll say it again, the trailers have been visually interesting but they have not, at least to this point, shown any emotional involvement. If that doesn’t change the non-comic casual moviegoer, who helped make The Dark Knight a box-office dynamo, will have no big interest in seeing this. I’m really curious to see how the marketing campaign unfolds as WB needs to sell this film a different way to the mainstream crowd.

ghost_rider_ver61Ghost Rider sequel– According to Bloody Disgusting, Columbia Pictures has officially put out the word that they are in search of writers who can pen a follow-up to the original film which starred Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze. Considering Ghost Rider did only moderate box-office (230 million worldwide), and the majority of reviews were bad, one has to wonder why the studio would greenlight another installment. Personally I thought Ghost Rider was watchable, mainly due to the quirkiness of actor Nicolas Cage, but there’s only so much you can do with a character whose head bursts into flame! The concept is somewhat silly as a live action vehicle. Cage is reportedly signed on for this sequel.

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A-TEAM has director, TOMB RAIDER Re-Boot, CLOONEY filming ER this week and nice surprise for OCTOBER ROAD fans

The A-Team– Fox has hired Smokin’ Aces director, Joe Carahan, to helm its big screen version of the classic 80’s TV show. John Singleton (Shaft) was attached but reportedly left the project after many a script rewrite. Even though no one has been officially cast as yet, the studio hopes to have it in theaters June 11, 2010. While many television properties have lara-croftcrashed and burned on the big screen, I think this one has the potential to really work if cast right. Ridley Scott (Gladiator) will produce.

Tomb Raider– According to the Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros and producer Dan Lin (Sherlock Holmes) are in the process of rebooting the franchise. While it’s pretty much a given that Angelina Jolie has left that character in her past, the trade mentions Rhona Mitra as a possible replacement candidate. Mitra’s star has risen somewhat with starring roles in B-action fare Doomsday and the Underworld prequel, which is currently in theaters. Her best work as an actress was David E. Kelly’s ABC TV series, The Practice, where she showed decent acting chops and a lot of appeal. She would be a solid choice but could she pull in a sizable audience? That jury’s still out. My gut feeling is that it’s not going to happen with her. I’m more partial to Evangeline Lilly (Lost) for the role as she would be a really fun choice. 

ERGeorge Clooney and Julianna Margolis are filming their ER return this week as characters Doug Ross and Carol Hathaway. It will be interesting to see if NBC will heavily promote the appearances on the program or try and keep it a secret until it airs. Speaking of ER, it’s amazing how much screen time the writers have given Scott Grimes (Critters) who plays the insecure Dr Archie Morris. While brought on as a recurring ‘comic relief’ character in 2003, he has emerged as one of the main leads. While far from George Clooney in looks, Grimes is a very likable presence that’s been an interesting and solid addition to the show.

October Road– The cast of the now canceled ABC show recently filmed a 15 minute series conclusion that will be added to the May 5th second and final season DVD release, which will tie up all the character-related loose ends. While not a critical darling the show was fun and captured life in a small town extremely well. I was a fan and look forward to watching that extra 15 minutes.

Producers of the CW 90210 have done the right thing by burying the hatchet and finally agreeing to bring back original series cast member Tori Spelling and her Donna Martin character. While she has received a bad rap in the media, she was good on the original show. Her return should add a lot to the program as she’s a really likable presence in that role.

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ETB Radio: Oscar News & Top Animated Films

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ISLA FISHER hopes to become big star, JAMES EARL JONES classy move, KEVIN JAMES king of the Box-Office, Mickey Rourke to get into the ring for real and The Poseidon Adventure returns to the big screen for one night only

isla-fisherIsla Fisher– It will be interesting to see what “Confessions of a Shopaholic” will do for her career. The film, which hits theaters February 13, is her first starring role where she carries the film all by herself. I think she is a real talent and has shown the ability to join the A-list actress club in Hollywood. While many know her for her supporting role in “The Wedding Crashers”, I thought her work in the 2008 romantic comedy “Definitely, Maybe” showed she has what it takes to be a major player in the business. If this film hits, the sky is the limit for her. I’m certainly a fan!

James Earl Jones– Perhaps the best moment of TNT’s Sunday Nights SAG awards came when James Earl Jones was presented with the Lifetime achievement honor. His closing remark “I’d like to raise a salute: Paul Newman somebody down here likes you” was a cool gesture. This man is a real class act! It’s amazing that he didn’t speak for six years prior to being 17 years old. That voice will live in infamy.

Kevin James- The success of the comedy “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” should give its star, Kevin James, some serious clout in the business… Hollywood has a way of rewarding box-office success. This comedy is well on its way to grossing $100,000,000 in ticket-sales. As of this weekend it pulled in $64,923,000 in just ten days of release.

Mickey Rourke- I don’t know what to make of Rourke’s red carpet announcement Sunday night at the SAG awards that he will be participating in Wrestlemania 25 in Houston on April 5. An appearance at the show could be a solid publicity move for his film “The Wrestler”, although if he gets in the ring and actually fights he could be perceived once again as a loose cannon. It will be interesting to see exactly what his involvement will be at the annual event. It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years since the first Wrestlemania, an event I attended at Madison Square Garden in NYC. “The Wrestler” is currently playing on 566 screens and has grossed $9,557,610 at the box-office.

rev-scottFinally, I had a blast Saturday Night when I traveled to NYC in 15 degree weather to see The Poseidon Adventure on the big screen at the weekly Classic film series at Chelsea Cinemas. The audience was composed of around 120 die hard fans that enjoyed every minute of it. The biggest applause came when Shelly Winter’s Belle Rosen character jumps head first into the water to save Gene Hackman’s Rev. Scott. It really was a fun experience that will be lodged in my memory bank forever.

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George Clooney RETURNS to ER

george_clooneyAccording to People Magazine, actor George Clooney has finalized a deal to return to ER for its 15th and final season. It’s not known if Clooney’s return will be for a single episode or a multiple episode arc. While Clooney’s appearance is reportedly being kept under wraps I would assume his character of Dr Doug Ross will be involved in a compelling storyline and not just a cameo gimmick. Clooney had promised years ago that he would make a return to the show that launched him into mainstream prominence when the long running series came to an end.

He last made an appearance at the end of an episode in 2000 when Julianna Margolis (Nurse Carol Hathaway) left the program, with her character returning to Seattle to join his Ross character. NBC recently announced they have ordered four additional episodes in this final season. As a fan of ER, I’m really glad Clooney is making an appearance on the show. While Anthony Edwards (Dr Mark Green), Alex Kinston (Dr Corday), Paul McCrane (Dr. Romano) and Laura Innes (Dr Weaver) have all made appearances so far, look for Noah Wyle (Dr Carter)and Eric LaSalle (Dr Benton) to also return in upcoming episodes. While ER may not be as great as it was in its heyday it’s still a quality show and a good watch. Clooney’s return should be a lot of fun.

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joker-5While The Dark Knight received 8 Oscar nominations, including Best Supporting Actor for Heath Ledger and a bunch of technical awards, the Academy did not nominate the film for Best Picture nor give a nod to director Chris Nolan. As the second highest grossing movie ever, and a critical darling, the omission of The Dark Knight in these two major categories is a travesty. Instead, in a move that reeks of pure academy politics, they gave the nod to “The Reader”,  a film with only a 60% positive reading on Rotten Tomatoes and no where near the popular box-office of The Dark Knight.

While the Academy does get many things right, and the ultimate winner of Best Picture can certainly be debated, it continues to come across like an elitist bunch of snobs that hate to embrace great mainstream work. The Dark Knight wasn’t just a popular film; it was a rare popular film that dared to be something much more than a popcorn movie. I just don’t get it. It deserved to be recognized. This is the same Academy that nominated all three Lord of the Rings films for best picture with the last installment, Return of the King, winning the Oscar. So why snub The Dark Knight and Chris Nolan? Do they think it can’t compete against more esoteric fare or are they afraid it would sweep the awards! ABC can’t be very thrilled either as this omission will hurt their telecast ratings – although not by much in my book. Bottom line – this is a snub that will leave a real bad taste in the mouth of many movie fans and will suck much of the fun out of watching the broadcast! Read the Post article HERE

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