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Tarantino’s INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS gets release date

ingbasterdsQuentin Tarantino’s latest offering, INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, has an official release date of August 21, 2009. This WW2 vehicle starring Brad Pitt is certainly an important film for both the director and The Weinstein Company as both need a hit after box-office disaster, GRINDHOUSE. While I thought that 3 hour homage to 70’s exploitation was a lot of fun, it was totally rejected by the main stream public and pretty much closed right after it opened. I think Tarantino is at a point in his career where his work is starting to appeal to less and less people, a dangerous thing given movies cost money to make. Ask Woody Allen how that feels! It will be interesting to see if Basterds appeals beyond his loyal but shrinking fanboy crowd. This film will be violent (most likely very violent) and unconventional, so it certainly won’t be an easy sell. Still I look forward to seeing it. The big question is… will the masses feel the same way!


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