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GRAN TORINO tracking Well, Producers Guild announces Best picture nominations and an August release for Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2

 Clint Eastwood’s GRAN TORINO reportedly tracking very well and could open at the top spot when it goesgran-torino-5 into wide release this weekend. It will face competition from two new releases; BRIDE WARS (Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway) and the heavily promoted horror film, THE UNBORN. While Gran Torino has done a solid $9.6 million in a very limited release so far, I don’t really understand Warner Bros strategy to platform its release. Clint fans will show up for this film. It’s everything they love about him and it should have just opened wide in December.

While there hasn’t been an advance review to be found anywhere for the comedy, Bride Wars, it’s pretty safe to say that Kate Hudson has gone down one of the worst career trajectories in recent memory – she can’t pick a winning script to save her life. I have a feeling she wasn’t thinking about re-inventing herself before the age of 30 when she hit big with her role in Almost Famous. Unfortunately that’s exactly what she will have to do. 

The Producers Guild has nominated their five films for best picture of 2008- these are the five finalists:


The PGA is typically a very reliable indicator of the five films that get nominated at the Oscars. Expect the biggest Oscar ratings in years if The Dark Knight gets a best picture nomination.

Dimension Films and director Rob Zombie have announced an August 28, 2009, release date for his HALLOWEEN sequel, simply titled H2. While this is NOT a film I’m looking forward to, I still don’t understand why the parties involved are so scared to put it out in late October. While Lionsgate has owned mid Oct with their SAW franchise, the series is clearly not as potent as it once was. Halloween is October not August. A pretty stupid marketing move if you ask me!


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