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Steve McQueen Bio picture, Ricardo Montelban remembered, Mickey Rourke’s Golden Globe, Nip Tuck’s new season

Paramount Pictures and producers Michael Cerenzie and Christine Peters have announced plans for a Bio-pic on STEVE MCQUEEN. The story will be based on the 1993 biography Steve McQueen: Portrait of an American Rebel and will follow his Hollywood life, his love of motorcycles and also deal with his off-screen antics, including drug experimentation. There’s NO doubt that McQueen was a true Icon and one of the very best screen personas the business has ever seen. To understand that just look at his performance in the 1974 disaster classic The Towering Inferno and see how much he elevated that film simply by his presence. Two other big McQueen favorites of mine were The Great Escape (simply sensational) and The Blob, his first starring role (his stature elevated this B-movie into a genre classic).

Ricardo Montelban– The world lost another DECENT human being on Wednesday when the 88 year old actor passed away. While many know him best for his classic television series, Fantasy Island, or as the great villain Khan in the Star Trek 2, I must admit I’m pretty partial to his ultra-likeable turn in a supporting role as the Zoo Keeper, Armando, in Escape from the Planet of the Apes. R.I.P. Mr. Montelban.

Mickey Rourke– It’s been fun watching Mickey do the talk show circuit after winning the Golden Globe best actor award for his terrific turn in The Wrestler. While watching him on Jay Leno a few days ago it was hard not to think of Rourke at this stage in his life as sort of a real life Rocky Balboa. He comes across as this big, somewhat lovable, lug who speaks his mind in a very honest and refreshing way. I remember sitting in a movie theater almost two decades ago watching “Johnny Handsome” and saying to myself that this guy really has it. You simply can’t watch The Wrestler and NOT see the character of Randy “The Ram” Robinson through the eyes of Rourke’s real life journey.

Nip Tuck– After watching the first two episodes of the newest season on the FX channel the show remains my favorite television guilty pleasure. No other program has that combination of pure entertainment mixed with moments that make you cringe. When watching it you simply never know what will happen next as the writers play by NO rules. I really believe actor Julian McMahon’s Christian Troy is as interesting and complex of a character as we’ve seen on TV in quite some time. He is great in the role.


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