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George Clooney RETURNS to ER

george_clooneyAccording to People Magazine, actor George Clooney has finalized a deal to return to ER for its 15th and final season. It’s not known if Clooney’s return will be for a single episode or a multiple episode arc. While Clooney’s appearance is reportedly being kept under wraps I would assume his character of Dr Doug Ross will be involved in a compelling storyline and not just a cameo gimmick. Clooney had promised years ago that he would make a return to the show that launched him into mainstream prominence when the long running series came to an end.

He last made an appearance at the end of an episode in 2000 when Julianna Margolis (Nurse Carol Hathaway) left the program, with her character returning to Seattle to join his Ross character. NBC recently announced they have ordered four additional episodes in this final season. As a fan of ER, I’m really glad Clooney is making an appearance on the show. While Anthony Edwards (Dr Mark Green), Alex Kinston (Dr Corday), Paul McCrane (Dr. Romano) and Laura Innes (Dr Weaver) have all made appearances so far, look for Noah Wyle (Dr Carter)and Eric LaSalle (Dr Benton) to also return in upcoming episodes. While ER may not be as great as it was in its heyday it’s still a quality show and a good watch. Clooney’s return should be a lot of fun.


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