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joker-5While The Dark Knight received 8 Oscar nominations, including Best Supporting Actor for Heath Ledger and a bunch of technical awards, the Academy did not nominate the film for Best Picture nor give a nod to director Chris Nolan. As the second highest grossing movie ever, and a critical darling, the omission of The Dark Knight in these two major categories is a travesty. Instead, in a move that reeks of pure academy politics, they gave the nod to “The Reader”,  a film with only a 60% positive reading on Rotten Tomatoes and no where near the popular box-office of The Dark Knight.

While the Academy does get many things right, and the ultimate winner of Best Picture can certainly be debated, it continues to come across like an elitist bunch of snobs that hate to embrace great mainstream work. The Dark Knight wasn’t just a popular film; it was a rare popular film that dared to be something much more than a popcorn movie. I just don’t get it. It deserved to be recognized. This is the same Academy that nominated all three Lord of the Rings films for best picture with the last installment, Return of the King, winning the Oscar. So why snub The Dark Knight and Chris Nolan? Do they think it can’t compete against more esoteric fare or are they afraid it would sweep the awards! ABC can’t be very thrilled either as this omission will hurt their telecast ratings – although not by much in my book. Bottom line – this is a snub that will leave a real bad taste in the mouth of many movie fans and will suck much of the fun out of watching the broadcast! Read the Post article HERE


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  1. Couldn’t agree with you more Chuck! One of the worst omissions in history

    Comment by mikeragz | January 26, 2009 | Reply

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