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Stallone to revisit RAMBO again, FRIDAY the 13th just around the corner and Please watch FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS

rambo5Rambo– In a recent interview with TV’s Extra, Sylvester Stallone gave the heads up on a 5th Rambo installment. Yeah, “We are doing another Rambo but the conflict is whether to do it in America or a foreign country”. As a big fan of the entire series I’m glad to hear this news. This time I would like to see Sly set the film in the States and come up with a Die Hard type scenario for the character to take down terrorists on our soil. It’s amazing that the guy can make this character believable at his age but he can. Having said that, while I have no problem with him revisiting Rambo, it would be a travesty if he dusted off the boxing gloves for another Rocky. The last installment, Rocky Balboa, was a beautiful ending to that immortal franchise.

Friday the 13th– I have a strong feeling there will be more than a few curiosity seekers for this re-imagined version of the 1980 classic slasher film. The film should have a sizable opening in the 30 million dollar range. Paramount will release repackaged DVD versions of the original ten Jason films next week in anticipation of a short term bounce in the popularity of the long running horror character. While no one is going to mistake these films for high art they are pretty effective in the genre and a fun watch. I‘m looking forward to the new spin on things when it hits theaters Feb 13.

Friday Night Lights– Easily the best show on television that very few people are watching. Writers of this program continue to churn out one terrific episode after another. This is a show that always feels real. It never has contrived resolutions to story threads and is very well acted and involving. As far as I’m concerned the show is even better than the movie – which I thought was great. It’s currently pulling in around 5 million viewers on NBC, Friday nights, after airing first on Direct TV in 2008 as part of a deal worked out between the two broadcast companies. I’m hoping it survives to see a season 3. In terms of quality it’s a no-brainer.


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  1. Friday Night Lights is continuously propped up by critics, yet is criminally ignored in the ratings dept. That means it must be good. Still havent seen it though. As for the two film franchises mentioned here, I can’t say that I anticipate either. I am more into Stallone’s “Expendables” with Rourke, Statham, et. al. than this. A franchise has run it’s course at 3, regardless of what statistics say. There are never enough scenarios to introduce to keep any film franchise fresh beyond that point. Even the great Bourne series 3rd installment, was a mere retread of the first for me. That is the rare series where I may have an interest in it continuing….”may.”

    Comment by thebsk | January 31, 2009 | Reply

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