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LAND OF THE LOST Super bowl teaser trailer

LAND OF THE LOST– I must admit I have mixed feelings about Will Ferrell hijacking this 1970’s Saturday morning kids Television series and turning it a starring vehicle for his wacky comic antics. I was a fan of the original series (currently available on DVD) which ran three seasons on NBC from 1974-1976. While the special effects were cheesy, and some of the supporting characters outright silly, it still took its sci-fi fairly seriously. The time travel premise and prehistoric setting was really cool and their inability to get back to present time kept the viewer hooked. While the show featured a family of adventurers, Rick Marshall and his two kids Will and Holly, who find themselves trapped in an alternative universe dominated by dinosaurs and other assorted creatures, this movie version changes things up. Farrell plays the Marshall character as a has-been scientist, Danny McBride plays Will as a redneck Survivalist and Anna Friel plays Holly as a research assistant to the Marshall character. The original series, created by Sid and Marty Krofft, attracted a number of well respected Sci-fi writers who contributed to scripts. It’s unlikely that this movie version will take much of anything very seriously. Still it’s a slick looking trailer that has peaked my interest. Land of the Lost hits theaters June 5, 2009


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