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SLAP SHOT to be remade, JUDY GARLAND’s life comes to the big screen and HEATH LEDGER Oscar news

slap_shot_movie_posterAccording to Variety, Universal is moving forward with plans for a remake of the Classic 1977 Paul Newman hockey comedy, SLAP SHOT. Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest) will direct the film. The original had Newman playing a down and out minor league hockey player/coach who turns his team, the Charlestown Chiefs, into a bunch of brawlers in order to hype up the fledgling organization which is facing extinction. The film, considered to be one of the biggest cult movies of all time, was a raw foul-mouthed entertainment that was a pure product of its time. It also featured a commodity that is missing in movies today – Paul Newman. Whether a remake could be anywhere near as effective is anyone’s guess but it will be hard-pressed to outdo the original and I don’t think it has a prayer. How do you recast the Hansen Brothers? …those guys were classic!



The Weinstein Co. has optioned the feature film rights to Gerald Clarke’s “Get Happy: The Life of Judy Garland” The story details the performers career and her many personal troubles. This will be one juicy role for the actress who gets cast in the part. I can’t imagine who could play her but it will certainly have Oscar bait written all over it. Garland died at the age of 47 in 1969.


EW’s Adam Vary is reporting that Heath Ledgers immediate family, Mother, Father and Sister, will come up on stage and accept his Oscar for best supporting actor for his work in The Dark Knight when he wins the award on Feb 22. If this does materialize it certainly should be one of the evening’s true highlights. For this alone I’ll watch!


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