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TOTAL RECALL going the REMAKE route

total_recallColumbia Pictures and producer Neal H. Moritz (I am Legend) are pursuing a remake (or as they call it “a contemporary version”) of the 1990 science fiction actioner, Total Recall. Based on the Philip K Dick short story, “You Can Remember it Wholesale,” about the concept of memory implantation, the 1990 film was a highly entertaining movie and perhaps the most likeable Arnold Schwarzenegger has ever been on screen. While other actors were rumored for the role of Douglas Quaid at the time, including Patrick Swayze and Richard Dreyfuss, director Paul Verhoeven eventually cast the action icon in the part and it turned out to be one of his best movies.

While violent, the film also has a great sense of humor with Arnold uttering the classic line “Consider that a divorce” after shooting his double crossing wife (played by Sharon Stone) in the head. While the film has flaws ( mostly in the second half), it’s a thought-provoking, fast moving thrill ride that delivers big time for its genre (I saw it four times in a theater). I would argue that the first half of Verhoeven’s film is as well done as any genre film of that decade. Producer Mortiz is quoted as saying “advancements in technology and state of the art visual effects can help tell the Recall story in a fresh way.” I’m sorry Neal, create something original, Total Recall is only 19 years old. Boy, Arnold must either be feeling old or getting really mad about this announcement. Take a look at Siskel and Ebert’s review of the film the week it was released on their classic At the Movies program. Watch Review


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